Plasmore is an Italian S.r.l. with headquarters in Pavia (Pavia, Italy). The operative headquarters are located in Ispra (JRC Nanobiosciences laboratory) and Pavia University (Physics Department “A. Volta”).
The company started during the PhD thesis of Andrea Valsesia with Prof. Franco Marabelli at the University of Pavia.
Dr. Maurizio Maccarini joined the company as founders and shareholders. Paola Pellacani works for Plasmore from 2010 and now she is doing a PhD in Madrid (Spain).

The Company is structured as follows:

Management team

Prof. Franco Marabelli
Dr. Massimo Ventura


Dr. Gerardo Marchesini
Prof. Maurizio Maccarini

Scientific Team

Paola Pellacani
Dr. Lucia Fornasari