Plasmore has developed a bio-chemical analyzer based on imaging nanoplasmonics capable of thousands of simultaneous analysis within minutes.

Plasmore has made imaging nanoplasmonics

This revolutionary technology has a direct in the fields of diagnostics devices for human health, food safety, advaned proteomics and pharma industry.

Our imaging nanoplasmonics technology, developed under a licence of the European Commission Joint Research Center, (worldwide patent, WO2010146160) is based on surfaces featuring ordered arrays of nanoantennas having a particularly intense interaction with the light. Each nanoantenna is used as ultra-sensitive sensor for biochemical reactions.

Imaging Nanoplasmonics Technology allows the readout of High Density Peptide Array chips of high interest for the Pharma industry. The Plasmore technology can read High Peptide Array from any producer, with or without the use of a label, thus increasing the throughput and acquiring more relevant parameters.

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