Plasmore offers a service based on imaging Surface Plasmon Resonance to monitor biomolecular binding events on the chip surface in a multiplexing format. Our Imaging Nanoplasmonics (iNPx™) analyzer works at fixed angle and wavelength. The working principle is based on the continuous acquisition of the camera frames made by an in-house software and the related elaboration of averaged images to evaluate the reflectance variations on the chip surface, strictly related to refractive index changes occurring within few nanometers close to the surface top. Images of the sample surface are acquired and analysed in real-time, enabling the contemporary acquisition of several sensorgrams of the corresponding regions of interest.

Kinetics, specificity and affinity screening, determination of analyte concentration, can all be explored.

Experienced technical staff will assist you through your experiment, ranging from method development and validation, to execution of the required measurements and delivery of the resulted data.

Please contact us for further details on the service that can better fit your specific needs.