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14 Years Of Research & Innovation

The Company.

Plasmore Srl is an Italian enterprise with registered office in Pavia (Italy), created as spin-off company of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and the University of Pavia and active since 2009 in the development of biosensors.

The company was founded as a product of research after the PhD thesis of Dr. Andrea Valsesia with Prof. Franco Marabelli at the University of Pavia. Dr. Maurizio Maccarini joined them as co-founder and is a shareholder.

Operational Lab
C/O JRC – via E. Fermi, 2749
21027 Ispra (VA), Italy

R&D Lab
C/O Department of Physics
@ UNIPV – via A. Bassi, 6
27100 Pavia (PV), Italy

People behind Plasmore.

our mission

Molecular recognition for
High Performance applications.