International Patents

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Plasmore was founded in 2009 with the aim of developing an optical sensor for biomolecule detection.

Great effort has been made, with the support of the European Commission, participating in several high profile and technological relevant projects.
So far, we have filed two international patents and one is in preparation.


A Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Sensing Method And Sensing System

Valsesia, Colpo, Rossi, Marabelli Worldwide Patent Nr. WO2010146160 European Commission owner at 100% Exclusive license


SPR Sensor Device With Nanostructure

Valsesia, Marabelli, Giudicatti, Marchesini, Rossi, Colpo
Worldwide Patent Nr. WO2013007448
Co-owners at 50% with European Commission Exclusive license

2023 - Pending

A glass based standard platform for assay

Floris, Marabelli, Manobianco Lopez Sanchez