Our Technology

Nanotechnology Products.

Nanostructured Sensor

● Food and beverages safety monitoring
● Quality control technology
● Anti-counterfeit solution
● Wide tunability
● Sealed cartridge box

Optical Detection Device

● Automatic measurement procedure
● Intuitive interface
● Wireless connectivity for remote control
● Lab-on-a-chip
● Label free

Optimization Treatments

● Detection of contaminants in beverages: milk purity, bacteria in water, protection of trademarks and geographical indications in the wine sector
● Detection of aflatoxins in cereals
● High specificity

In Plasmore we are constantly looking forward to improved solutions in biomolecule detection.

Plasmore developed a fully portable, multiplexing and label-free biosensor device based on Imaging Nanoplasmonics technology.

The chip technology consists on a new class of gold/polymer 2D plasmonic crystals obtained by a hybrid fabrication technique based on plasma processes and colloidal lithography. These systems consist of a hexagonal lattice of polymeric pillars embedded in an optically thick gold film on a glass substrate, proved to work as extremely sensitive platforms for biological detection.