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Sistema miniaturizzato per la diagnostica molecolare E Proteomica della Sepsi basato sull’Integrazione della risonanza plasmonica di Superficie

[Funded by Regione Lombardia, POR CRO FESR LOMBARDIA]

15 October 2009 – 15 October 2012

Coordinator: DIA.PRO Diagnostic Probes Srl, Italy

Summary of the Project

The project SEPSIS should result with the development of two chips for early diagnosis of Sepsis. One proteomic chip is used for the rapid diagnosis of the disease and the genomic chip, used for its confirmation.

The two chips will constitute a rapid-kit which will be analyzed by the INPx 1.0. Plasmore is proprietary for the reading instrument and for the non customized chips.

The customization (creation of the microarrays) is part of the work of the consortium. The coordinator of the project, Diapro SRL12, is the potential distributor for the rapid-kit which will initially target the end-users in the project like Hospital Humanitas13 and Clinica Mangiagalli14, Milano.

This project will reasonably give a prototype for the rapid-kit but, the way for a commercial clinical product will be long and costly, as FDA-like approval is require for clinical diagnostic tests.